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Assisting Families from Day One!


Diagnostic Testing

Before we can prescribe curriculum or even consider registering your child we must do diagnostic testing to determine his or her mastery of specific skills and concepts. Our tests are presented in an informal setting and a friendly environment at EHSA in order to put your child at ease. The results of the tests will enable us to recommend curriculum which will challenge your child at his level of achievement.


Registration as a Home School!

As a home school, you will need to register with us at EHSA. Please feel free to come and join us for a cup of tea as we sit and assist you to complete all the required registration forms. We will then forward those forms to South Africa where your home school will be registered with AEE (Accelerated Education Enterprises). Lastly, if you have a child who will be doing Senior work, we will assist you to register him or her with ICCE (International Christian Certificate of Education). At every step we will guide and assist you on this new and exciting journey!


Getting Acquinted with Our Materials

Many parents are anxious about taking the step to start home schooling. ACE is designed to make the transition as smooth as possible. The curriculum preparation has all been done for you when you use our curriculum, no lesson preparation required! This is a great source of comfort to those who are unsure about writing programs. It is a huge blessing for those with two or more children. Also, EHSA is only a phone call away if you need help!


Spend a morning with us!

Prior to starting off and home schooling your children, please visit us for an orientation session. During this time we will explain how EHSA and the ACE curriculum is set up and what procedures you need to implement for home school success. Later, you will be required to attend one of our bi-annual professional ACE training weeks in order to become a full member home school. This orientation session serves to equip you temporarily until you have completed the full training.

Emmanuel Home School Academy

Assisting parents on their home school journey is what we do. It is our vision to equip parents who are ultimately accountable for the instruction and training of their children. We continually strive to offer our members the best possible service and are always available to assist with any query our members may have. We organize parent training and development workshops, student activities, workshops, field trips, and events. Feel free to get in touch to talk about your family and how we can help you.

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