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Helpful Home School Resources
Home schooling in Zambia does not mean your family is removed from needed extra-curricular activities and services. If you are located close to Lusaka the amount of resources available can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have therefore created a list of resources that we feel are helpful for both established and new home school families in Zambia.

Online Resources

The internet has placed information at our fingertips. Utilizing this powerful tool is essential for parents and children. However, as parents it is imperative that we guard our children from the dangers found on the internet. Giving them boundaries is better than denying them access to information. For this reason we have a list of recommended websites, apps, and online resources that you can all use together.

The youngest...

Sometimes simply sitting down and watching one’s child expend their energy among other kids is all that is needed to maintain one’s sanity. A short break can do wonders for parents of young children.


Art, exercise, music, sport, etc, we got you covered with our list. However, this list is a work in progress since we are constantly adding new resources as we discover them or as other families share what they discover with us.


It is during these years that healthy habits are formed and individual interests are discovered. Parents need to exercise wisdom, insight, patience, and love during this time. Our list should enable your teen to discover their strengths and develop focused habits based on their interests.


Parents also need time to unwind and get re-energized. There are lots of groups and services available in Lusaka, some of them are free.

Do you have a specific need? If so please contact us...

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Assisting parents on their home school journey is what we do. It is our vision to equip parents who are ultimately accountable for the instruction and training of their children. We continually strive to offer our members the best possible service and are always available to assist with any query our members may have. We organize parent training and development workshops, student activities, workshops, field trips, and events. Feel free to get in touch to talk about your family and how we can help you.

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