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Fun Contest 2019

Our Fun Contest is a two day event during which the children will be challenged in team-building and fun activities. The focus of this events is exposing our home school children to team building activities so they can learn how to work with others and cooperate to achieve common goals.

November 11th - 12th

ACE Professional Training 2020

We will offer the ACE Professional Training Course for new parents and schools with staff who need training. Successfully completing the course qualifies attendees to correctly apply the ACE system and methodology at home or in a school setting. Our training includes extra lessons on home education with sessions designed to empower parents to teach at home.

January 6th - 10th, 2020

ICCE/LCA Training 2020

We will welcome the ICCE and LCA Africa Coordinators from South Africa who will offer a 5 day training course designed to familiarize our parents with the ICCE and LCA systems.

January 27th - 31st, 2020




Once a year we facilitate the hosting of our students at Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre in Mukushi, where they embark on a survival and personal development camp into Luanu Valley! It is an exciting time of challenges, fun team activities, and personal reflection. “The aims of Ndubaluba courses are to challenge the participant physically, mentally and spiritually. In meeting students at the point they are at, this is achieved through a range of activities with the focus on student based experiential learning.” Do not miss out on this life changing event!


Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge is a Southern African competition for high school students. Schools or organizations can apply to send a team of students to participate in the Race. The “Race” normally consists of around 200km multi activity race. The first 2 days are staged challenges followed by 2 days of unsupported racing in the grand challenge. Teams will need certain skills to compete; basic navigation, ability to swim, mountain bike up to 60km in one day, basic mountain bike maintenance, camping, hiking and running. We have been invited before, but could not field a team of teenagers willing to compete. We hope that this will change soon!


Educational Field Trips

Throughout the year we organize educational field trips to Zambian organizations and companies such as the Pepsi factory, ZamLeather factory, Sobi paper factory, a wide range of commercial farms, museums, etc. We are always looking for new and interesting places where the children will be exposed to real world examples of what they are learning. It is amazing to see and hear the intelligent questions that our students ask at these places, and how much they can learn from a single day.


Educational Workshops

We generally host a relevant educational workshop after a field trip to reinforce what the children have learned and to expand on the questions they have. We welcome input from parents and always welcome their efforts to assist us. If you would like to help with a workshop, please contact us in advance so we can plan “your” workshop together and make it relevant for the children! Sometimes we invite experts to assist with these workshops.



The All Africa Student Convention is an annual international event, hosted at Bloemfontein University in South Africa. It attracts thousands of ACE students from Africa. We accompany EHSA students as they go and represent Zambia in what can best be described as a mini Olympics for learners. Our students always do well and many make friends which may last a lifetime.


The "After AASC Tour"

After the AASC we take the students on a 4-6 day tour around South Africa to places of interest as well as many fun activities. For the girls we visit many malls as well as small quaint shops, and for the boys we take them paint ball and go-karting! We also visit some great museums and wildlife parks. It is time of relaxation and enjoyment after the stress of competition at AASC. We welcome ideas from students for suggested places they would like to include on the tour.

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Assisting parents on their home school journey is what we do. It is our vision to equip parents who are ultimately accountable for the instruction and training of their children. We continually strive to offer our members the best possible service and are always available to assist with any query our members may have. We organize parent training and development workshops, student activities, workshops, field trips, and events. Feel free to get in touch to talk about your family and how we can help you.

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