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Releasing Our Students with Joy and Confidence!


Career Counselling

With years of experience we love to help our young college bound students with wise counsel on career choices. We also maintain a library of career guidance materials, and highly recommend that our students visit us for aptitude tests to assist them with their decision. We recommend that this be done earlier rather than later in order for adjustments to be possible on their academic projection. Mapping out a tailor made curriculum projection can make university a great deal easier.


ICCE Certificate Application

EHSA will apply for the International Christian Certificate of Education for all our graduates. We will handle everything from results submission to ICCE, facilitating coursework moderation, and finally handing over an internationally recognized certificate to our deserving students! With this certificate our graduates can apply anywhere in the world. We will also facilitate the forwarding of their results to the admission board where they wish to study.


EHSA Transcript

EHSA issues all our graduates our own special Transcript of Achievement which list all the hard work completed as well as any other activities and achievements received. We believe; “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” Prov 3:27. Our students’ transcripts, certificates, and other achievements will be combined to form his or her Achievement Portfolio, which EHSA will award to them upon graduation.


University Admission Assistance

We desire to see our students accepted at the institute of their choice. In order to enhance their chances of acceptance, we will write a recommendation letter, communicate directly with the admissions department in order to learn all that is required, and forward all relevant transcripts and certificates to them. However, the quality of our graduates will open the most doors for all new students, which is why we are strict with our academic moderation and continual assessment. May your efforts build bridges for those who are yet to graduate!

Emmanuel Home School Academy

Assisting parents on their home school journey is what we do. It is our vision to equip parents who are ultimately accountable for the instruction and training of their children. We continually strive to offer our members the best possible service and are always available to assist with any query our members may have. We organize parent training and development workshops, student activities, workshops, field trips, and events. Feel free to get in touch to talk about your family and how we can help you.

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