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Though not exactly an online resource these iSchool tablets are an incredible resource for people who wish to expose their kids to the Zambian curriculum and our local languages. The entire Zambian curriculum can be accessed on these tablets, and the interface and activities will appeal to your children. The iSchool shop is in Manda Hill Mall and their tablets can also be purchased in all Bookworld stores.
Math & Science

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing free online resource to complement the work your children are already doing in Math and Science. The resources are available to registered users either through their website or their app, if you wish to use your mobile device.


This website allows your children to learn basic math, language, vocabulary, and thinking skills while playing video games. Highly recommended!

Patrick JMT

If your child struggles to understand a specific math concept and you are having a hard time explaining it, you may want to visit Patrick’s Just Math Tutorials. Once there, simply type into the search bar to find a video that deals with that specific concept. Patrick is easy to follow + he covers all the basics + advanced materials + he = funny!

D. G. Lets Play Math

Denise Gaskin’s Lets Play Math website is a great resource in itself but also a contains a comprehensive list of other online math resources to use. Her own books contain great math games for children from pre-school level through to high-school. As a veteran home school mom herself, the activities are practical and instill a love of mathematics into children.

Reading & Writing


Does your child struggle to write neatly? Visit HandWritingWorksheets and print out some worksheets for them to practice with. These sheets can be customized to fit your needs.


This website is free with a premium membership option. With over 42,000 vocabulary words that are read by a real person and presented in an interactive manner this site is a great tool to increase your child’s vocabulary!

Really Learn English

This website explains the intricacies of English grammar in a way that even those who aren’t native speakers can understand and then help their children. The free section of the website should be able to help you out of any grammar hiccups.


EasyBib is a free online citation website that easily generates footnotes and bibliographies that your children can use in their essays and papers. They have MLA, APA, and Chicago style citation formats.


Duolingo is a great online language learning tool. You can either use their web interface or download their app to your mobile device to start learning.


Spreeder is a free reading program on their website or mobile app. They also have a premium version if you need more features. This program is great for older children who are already accomplished readers as it will improve their speed and comprehension.


Often learning while playing is best. In this free typing game, students gain keyboard expertise and learn to type fast as they defeat enemy spaceships–but beware the exploding letters!

Art & Music

Jerry's Artarama

These free instructional art videos are professionally done and cover a wide scope of techniques while still catering for the true beginner.

Ctrl + Paint

Ctrl+Paint is a free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each bite-sized video covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex subjects in manageable increments. The most advanced lessons are not free though, but the prices are very reasonable.

Circle Line Art School

This YouTube channel contains totally free material and is both easy to follow and very instructional with advanced techniques presented in 5 to 10 minute videos. Highly recommended!

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is a free website that teaches piano. The lessons are free, but if you want more features you will need to pay for the premium version.

Creative Guitar

Creative Guitar Studios also have a website where you can access excellent paid content, but their YouTube channel has free lessons for anybody to get started.


Drumeo is one of the leaders in online drum lessons and its YouTube channel features tons of educational videos. Feel free to use it to guide yourself or your child to proficiency.

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