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Throughout the year we organize educational field trips to Zambian organizations and companies. We often allow non-member home schools to join us for a small fee so that everyone can visit places such as the Pepsi factory, ZamLeather factory, Sobi Paper factory, commercial farms, museums, etc. We welcome suggestions from our members on where they would like to go next!

Field Trip Bucket List

Please feel free to add a potential field trip idea to our field trip bucket list!
  • Coca Cola Zambia, Lusaka 39% 39%
  • Champion Milling Zambia, Lusaka 24% 24%
  • United States Embassy Zambia, Lusaka 76% 76%
  • High Court of Zambia, Lusaka 59% 59%
  • Kasisi Organic Farms, Lusaka 49% 49%