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EHSA had a fantastic trip to the Pepsi Factory in Lusaka! The children learned how the soft drink giant produces not only drinks but also visited the large dairy produce section where they sampled the different yogurts and milk products. The factory in Lusaka is the largest Pepsi factory in Africa and supplies the entire region.

Pepsi were kind enough to provide a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who guided us through their factory. The entire process was explained from the moment water enters the tanks and gets purified all the way through till the caps are screwed atop the bottles.Most of our moms were impressed by the cleanliness and orderliness inside, and eagerly examined the list detailing sugar content inside each product Pepsi produces. They will be sure to avoid the high sugar content labels!

After the field trip EHSA hosted an art class where the children learned how to make flowers using only tissue paper. The girls loved it!

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